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What is All-Laser LASIK?

All-Laser LASIK is the most advanced vision correction procedure.  There are no sharp instruments – it’s all done with light!    The procedure begins by measuring your prescription with a computerized digital map (much more accurate than a glasses test).  That digital measurement is uploaded into the laser.  We gently numb your eyes with an eyedrop and offer valium to ease your apprehension. Then we use a femtosecond laser to create a very thin (1/10th of a millimeter) “flap” which is painlessly and gently moved to the side.  The Excimer laser then scans your eye 100 times per second   – with sophisticated iris recognition software – and gently applies the vision correction treatment.  There is no heating, no cutting, and no scarring! 

Range Of Correction

Our wavefront LASIK can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Most people with these vision problems are candidates for LASIK. Some people with extremely strong glasses prescriptions, certain eye conditions and health problems may not be candidates for LASIK. Other options for vision correction may be a consideration.

Facts and Statistics

Dr. Kremer has been performing LASIK for over 20 years and has completed thousands of successful laser procedures.

Risks and Side Effects

Even though LASIK is a procedure with very few complications, some risks and possible side effects should be considered:

  • Infection, Inflammation (very rare, we have never had a serious case)
  • Corneal Flap Problems (none to date with intralase all-laser flaps)
  • Under correction or Over correction (corrected with re-treatment)
  • Corneal Surface Irregularities (most commonly due to dry eyes)
  • Halo and Glare Effect (uncommon with wavefront treatments)
  • Light Sensitivity (common initially, very uncommon long-term)
  • Fluctuating Vision (common initially, uncommon later)