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What are your outcomes?

Your outcome will depend upon your degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Dr. Kremer’s patients achieve 20/20 vision or better in 96% of cases with All Laser, Intralase Wavefront programmed Custom lasik treatments. More than 70% of our patients are able to read the eye chart lines smaller than 20/20 (20/15 or better)!

Cost and payment options

The cost of your LASIK procedure will depend upon your individual vision correction needs. We can provide you with the exact figures during your complimentary consultation.

Payment options include Credit Card payments (earn miles!) and Flexible Spending Accounts through your employer.

We offer discounts to active military, police and firefighters who keep us safe.

What are the long term effects of LASIK?

LASIK was first performed in the 1990’s, so we now have several decades of follow up information and the long term results are excellent.

What are the risks with LASIK?

There are risks with any surgical procedure. Although complications with LASIK are rare, you need to be aware of them. Potential problems include complications with the corneal flap, infection, removing too much or too little tissue with the laser beam, the need for reading glasses, microscopic surface irregularities, halo effect or night vision problems, inability to wear contact lenses, and other remote risks.

We will take the time to answer all of your questions about LASIK and the risks involved.  We take pride in taking the time to fully evaluate your eyes and only recommend LASIK if we expect you should have a good result.  We turn away more than 30% of the people that see us for LASIK as we believe they are not ideal candidates for this treatment.  If we recommend LASIK to you, we expect you will do well.

Additional LASIK information

Despite the accuracy of the technology we use for LASIK, some patients heal differently than others and may need a second treatment to reach their visual potential. Our ‘re-treatment rate’ is approximately 2.%. This means that overall, our patients have a better than 97% chance of needing a single treatment to achieve excellent vision.

Dr. Kremer has performed LASIK for over 100 doctors and has done thousands of LASIK procedures. Come in for a no-obligation evaluation soon!

For more information, please visit the Eye Surgery Education Council